Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fifth OB/GYN Appointment: Placenta Previa Free!

May 14, 2009 (25 weeks)

Had my pelvic ultrasound in Oasis OB/GYN. It was exciting to see our little Eve again. This time, she's bigger and making a lot of movements. Her mouth was even blabbering, ha ha. I wonder what she's saying. Maybe, "Hi Mommy! Hi Daddy! I'm here!!!" She was also stretching one of his arm. It's very cute. Her heartbeat is perfect and she weighs 2 lbs and 5 ounces. I was so amused of the printed picture given to us because Eve had a very cute sideview posing. It looked like she's telling us "Here's your Miss Universe!" LOL. I love staring on that picture. Can't wait until I can have her in my arms.

Actually the main purpose of the ultrasound was to find out if the placenta which was seen near my cervix during my previous ultrasound had shifted. My husband asked about it, but the sonographer didn't give him a thorough explanation. She only said that everything looked good. So we had to wait to know the exact result on our next appointment with the doctor. That will be the next day.

May 15, 2009 (Friday) 8:30AM

I was not emotionally feeling good at all when we went to the doctor. I had some concern regarding my family at home (Philippines) specially my mother when I talked to her over the phone last night. My husband was wondering about my silence and we were not really talking that much inside the OB/GYN's office. My sense of independence was overwhelming me, so I thought to myself that I can do it alone.

Anyhow, I gained 6 pounds from my last weight: from 128lbs to 134lbs. We met a new doctor this time. Her name is Dr. Deann Bullaro Anderer. She's quite enthusiastic and I felt at ease with her presence. The good news she told us was, my placenta have completely shifted and is no longer positioned near my cervix. Praise be to God! My wish of having Eve be born naturally is now a big possibility.

One thing Dr. Anderer was concerned about was the baby's growth. She's already 90% in growth and to think I still have three more months to go. She said that the baby is big and even asked my husband how big was he when he was born. They will monitor the baby's growth and I may even have another ultrasound to make sure that our baby girl will not be too big for me to deliver the natural way or else they will induce me a week or weeks earlier from the due date (August 20, 2009). Eve's heartbeat was checked and everything about it was perfect. She advised me to go plunging and swimming in the pool because it will help reduce the swelling on some parts of my body.

I personally like this doctor. Maybe because she's very approachable and she encouraged me to speak up the things I worry or I'm concern about. We may even choose her to be the one to take care of me during the labor and delivery day. We'll see. We still have to meet the other two doctors again and see which one we are most comfortable dealing with.

I am very happy that God has answered our prayers regarding my condition with placenta previa. He is always faithful and He knows what is best for me.

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