Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fourth OBGYN Appointment: + 11 Pounds Accompanied With Stronger Kicks!

April 17, 2009 (21 weeks)

My fourth OBGYN appointment last Thursday (April 17) was a blast! Yup! A blast in pounds. Surprisingly, I gained 11 pounds, from 117 lbs to 128 lbs. I didn't expect to gain that much weight. Although I know I had been eating twice (or sometimes thrice) the amount of food than the previous month.

This time, I was attended by Michelle Carnes, a registered nurse practitioner working in Oasis OBGYN. It was our second meeting. She was also the one who checked me during my second prenatal visit. Both my husband and I like her too. She's nice, vibrant, approachable and easy to talk to.

We got to hear Eve's heartbeat again. It's 150 bpm. According to Michelle, our baby is strong and healthy; any expecting parents would love to hear. I was advised to drink at least a gallon of water everyday. Arizona is getting hotter, specially that summer is coming.

One of the concerns I asked was the intense tightening of my belly which I sometimes feel. I was told the baby is growing and that caused most of my internal organs to get squished, being pushed up towards my ribs. No wonder, because everytime I have the feeling, I experience shortness of breath.

Again, we were admonished not to have intercourse because I am on pelvic rest due to my placenta previa. I was also advised not to lift things heavier than 25 pounds because it will affect the placenta's state. So from now on, I am forbidden to carry my husband's nephew who weighs the weight that is not advisable for me. But I am just glad I am not on "bed rest." That will not make me happy.

Eve will be six months by the end of this month. She has been kicking a lot now compared last month. Her kicks are getting harder that sometimes she surprised me a blow. Unlike the first weeks where I can only feel her moving on the bottom part of my belly, I can already feel her moving on the upper part too, occasionally. It is a cool feeling. Lately, I observed watching her move with my eyes in the absence of my touch. Well yes, I can already see my belly moving everytime she makes a leap. However, it's not that visible yet specially if I watch it move without a shirt covering my tummy.

Another observation I have is that, she has this time of the day where she moves a lot. I wonder if babies in the womb have body clocks? Her first movements were scheduled in mid-afternoons and early evenings. Recently she changed her schedule. It's during our bedtime (11 PM) and in the mornings. Although she has her own fixed time of high energy and successive kicks,
I can also feel her moving in random time of the day lately.

Baby kicks are exciting and sometimes surprising. It's one of the developments I enjoy in my second trimester.

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