Friday, March 6, 2009

Week 18 (March 6-12)

I have been feeling more the reality of my pregnancy. Most of the things become too obvious to me. I can finally say that my belly is growing. I remember there were mornings where I would complain to my husband about my belly not getting big at all. He thought it was funny. Funny indeed. He would just tell me that I still had a long way to go and will have a big tummy in few months to come.

A growing belly
One look on me and you will know that there is a baby growing inside me. Unlike my first three months where people could mistaken the bulging part of my stomach as love handles, right now, my belly is showing the obvious. One thing that came to my attention are the veins on the sides. I don't have these before. I am pretty sure the primary cause is my stretched skin. I am anxious of developing stretched marks as most women have after pregnancy. At this time, I applied either baby oil or lotion after a nice shower. I wished I apply more from time to time. But I keep forgetting. My friends are recommending lotion with cocoa butter. They said it is a great weapon to battle against stretched marks.

Eating more; gasping for breath
One of the things I have been enjoying now is food. My first two months was not at all pleasant when it comes to filling my gut. Like other pregnant women during their first months (specially first trimester), I also experienced aversion of most of the food I liked eating. Good thing, I liked eating fruits that time. I am quite grateful that by this time, I am already eating a lot. I no longer feel guilty of not feeding the baby like when I didn't like food that much.

Most of the food that I eat are Filipino food. Well, it's what I've grown up to. I am just glad that there are Asian supermarkets around where we can grab a few Filipino products for Filipino dishes. One problem I used to experienced though is gasping for air everytime I get too full. The feeling is like running a 5-mile marathon wherein you feel like you are catching your breath. Most of the time, I couldn't help eating a lot. It was quite the opposite during my first trimester. It is like a sweet revenge.

Hello new clothes
Most of my old clothes no longer fit on the waist and breast parts. My husband is the most supportive when it comes to this. Well, not only on this matter but everything about my pregnancy. There was one night he got home carrying a bag of new maternal shirts. He's the one who is too aggressive on getting maternity clothes for me. I have been starting to wear them since my old clothes seemed so tiny now that our baby is growing. I didn't miss wearing them at all. I am enjoying my new clothes and quite proud showing off my bulging belly.

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