Tuesday, March 29, 2016

And the Winner is...

Photo credit to Quiet Time Ministries
My morning starts with a great news straight from my inbox. Subject of the email says, "Winner." My suspicious mind tells me, "Here's another bait from scumbags!" But lo and behold, my mouth hangs open as I read the message at least three times, until I convince myself it's not a scam. A COMPEL Training staff informs me that I am the winner of the book myPhotoWalk - Quiet Time Moments by Catherine Martin! Oh, heaven rejoices with me! I ask myself several times, "Why me?" Of all the entries in the contest, why did I win instead of another girl who joined? I could not remember the time I won something out of random choice. I always thought of myself as somebody who never gets a slight chance of luck when it comes to contest such as this. However, I know something that happened the day I entered the contest. A simple, yet powerful gesture of faith: I claimed the book to myself. It was effortless. I did not pound my chest to God to give me what I want. I simply entitled myself to possess the book with faith in the name of Jesus. Then I stepped back and let Him do the work according to the faith I poured out.

I am reminded time and again that the word "luck" does not reside in the dictionary of my Father God. I am not lucky. I am BLESSED!

My Father has His own reason why of all the names randomly selected to get the book, He specially handpicked mine. He is sending me a message. He knows how I love writing and photography. He planted it in me. I should not be surprised of what He knows about me. After all, He is my Father. Yet, obvious divine intervention like this helps open my eyes to the reality of how much He thinks and plans my future. I can only pray for help to do His will for my life.

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