Saturday, July 18, 2015

Light Rail & Splash Pad Saturdate

Took the girls to the Tempe Beach Park splash pad, with a twist. Instead of driving the car to the destination, we decided to take the light rail. Fi was very little (infant) on her first light rail ride to the same place. This time, she gets to enjoy the whole experience.

The girls both love the train ride. The excitement on their faces are so priceless. Evie asked if we were on a diesel train (like the one on Thomas & Friends). One day, we will let them ride on "real" train, God willing. I am sure the girls will be very happy.

Fi can't keep off her eyes on the window. She pointed so many things she sees. Everytime the train stops, she yells, "let's go train!"


Running around the pole.
It is a great day at the splash pad! The temperature takes our side. It is under 100 degrees and is breezy. Good thing we get there around 3. There isn't much people anymore. If we got there earlier, the water park is probably packed.

Evie & other kids enjoying the water from the bucket.

Evie's favorite is the bucket that dumps water. She keeps going back here. Fi tries a couple times, and is more comfortable messing with other water play. Evie keeps convincing her to go and try the slide, but fails.

Having fun at the dumping bucket.

Waiting for the train back to where we parked.
It's a beautiful day for everyone. Girls are tired, but have an awesome time on the train and cooling off at the splash pad. Fi didn't want to say goodbye to the train when we got off. She says she will ride the train again. Yes she will. We will.

God is awesome!

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