Thursday, May 21, 2015

Graduating With Flying Colors

Evie in her graduate robe and cap.
Today, we hit another milestone. Our Evie graduated in kindergarten. Where has
time flown? She used to be just a teeny-weeny baby, oblivious of what was going
on around her. But now, she just achieved her introduction to the world of academics.

Well, not only did she survive her months in school, she also ends the school year
with flying colors. She's one of the few students in her class who received the Principal's Pride 
Honor Roll certificate of excellence. Whoa! How would you feel if you were her parent?
I am so proud of her. She worked so hard and right at the end, she earned and reaped the fruit of her labor.

The graduation ceremony was full of joy. All kids in both classes did awesome job
with their little presentation of singing.

Evie will surely miss all her friends in school and her teachers. At the same time, she
looks forward for a time off with academic stuff.

We later took her for some treats. Her daddy let her choose a toy at Toys R Us,
have two rides in the carousel, and get some ice cream.

I will have my little one with
me 24/7 again until she goes back to school as a first grader.

God has been so awesome and good to us. He kept Evie safe all the time while
she's in school, helped her with the things that she needed, protected
her heart and mind, gave her a wonderful experience with other
kids, teachers and staff. To Him I give all my praise! To Him be all
the glory! I am so sure, He's the proudest of His little one named

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