Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Learning to Eat Like a Filipino

Fish sauce, her new favorite.

Lunch time and I had my typical Filipino food: rice and fried egg. Evie had PB&H (honey). As usual, I poured a little amount of fish sauce on my rice for flavor. Evie was curious and asked if she could try. Right after she tasted the rice she commented, "I don't like the smell but I like it!" I just blurted into laughter. I found her remark funny and at the same time inside in me was delighted that she liked how it tasted. In my mind, "my daughter is learning to eat like a Filipino."

I told her that when I was still living in the Philippines, I used to eat egg and rice. Well, she had been eating this dish for lunch several times but without the fish sauce. She usually put salt on her rice just like her daddy. But today, I was glad she decided to try something new the Filipino way.

"Hmmm, I like Filipino food!" as she asked for more rice with fish sauce. I am surprised that my kind-of-picky-eater like this Asian condiment. She even asked if she can have it for breakfast. The little sister on the other hand does not care at all. She eats almost everything I give her. And yes, she's a Filipino food fan!

I guess from now on, everytime I prepare egg and rice, fish sauce will always be present :)

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