Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Where has time gone? I feel guilty. Guilty for not writing anything about my little ones. It's more than a month since I wrote my last post. Too caught up with a lot of things. Most of them, unimportant. Yes, I feel guilty. I feel like my passion for writing has gone sour. Where is that burning fire in me? Extinguished? I do not think so. It is still inside. I feel it. I am just becoming lazy and allowing petty things to control over me to pursue my passion.

A lot of new, exciting things has happened to my little girls. Fi is almost 10 months old. Her mental, emotional, and physical developments are so rapid. She never fails to amaze me. As usual, she's a big girl. Her height is still in the 90th percentile during her last wellness check-up at nine months. Weight has gone down a little bit. Probably because she is more active now. Just two days ago, she stood up by herself--without holding onto anything. We also noticed her taking one step from a free-standing position. She's ready to walk. Getting there. She screams a lot too! :) She now knows "high five" and gives kisses (whenever I tell her "give Mama kiss," she'd lean towards my lips and opens her mouth wide). Drool is my reward :)

I love that guilty smile of hers when I catch her doing something or at a place where she is not supposed to. And then, she'd crawl as fast as she can away from me. My mischievous little pumpkin. She melts my heart. Can't remember anymore when she started to say "Mama." But I know this time though that everytime she says "Mama" she is referring to me. I love the feeling of being needed. The feeling gets more intense when she screams my name--"Mamaaaa!!!"

Food? She gorges anything we give her. Fi has tasted various kinds of food compared to Evie when she was her age. Probably because with Fi, food allergy is not as much of a concern. She drinks regular formula. With Evie, we were more cautious of every new food we gave her.

Princesses, Dresses, and Tutus

My Evie has gone obsessed with princess dresses and tutus after the debut of Disney's Sofia the First. Before that, she was more into superheroes. Gone are those days (for now). Every morning when she gets up from bed, she strips off her pajamas and replace them into princess dresses or tutus. It's funny to think because when she was younger, I worried of her becoming more of a tomboy because of her preference of toy cars, trains, and tools to dolls. Things have changed.

Evie can already write her name (nickname and full name) and spell them when we ask to. She can now write most of the letters in capital letters. She can already identify the small letters. She is currently doing online lessons on using my laptop or iPad. She started doing it on my iPad, but our WiFi connection in the house is bad, so she insisted to do it on my laptop. I was hesitant at first because she doesn't know how to navigate the touch pad. But my daughter's ability and determination to learn surprised me. Two days ago, she just learned how to use one finger on the left and one on the right to move something. I was amazed of how fast she learned it. She will be pro laptop user in few years.

Echoes of Laughter

My heart swells everytime I see Evie and Fi play quite so well. The echoes of their laughter is beautiful music that fills my heart with pride and joy. I noticed that the big sister has gradually learned how to play gently and nicely to her little sis. She is still rough sometimes, but definitely has improved. A reminder every now and then is still needed. But overall, sisters' playtime has become better.

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