Friday, April 5, 2013

10 Months Old

Our Fi turns 10 months old today! How time flies so fast and how she grows as fast as a lightning. Everyday she becomes more and more adorable (love my own! ;-) )

Above is a photo of her taken this morning. I snap photos of her every 5th of the month to keep track of how much she grows and most of all, a precious keepsake for her every month development. A photo of her below is when she was 9 months old, of which I have not posted here (so I am doing it now).

I also took a photo of her with her Ate Evie, both wearing winter hats. Evie saw the hats in the box and decided to put it on, just being silly for wearing something meant for cold season when it's 82 degrees outside. Evie always wants to be in the picture everytime she sees me taking a picture of her little sis. Well, here she is! Love, love, love my girls!

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