Friday, September 14, 2012

My Daughter Loves Spiderman

Who says only boys can wear Spiderman pajamas? Not for my Evie. Of all the superheroes that her Dada introduced to her, Spiderman is her favorite. We don't know her personal reasons except that her favorite color is blue, and Spiderman's costume comes with blue. Well, there are a few superheroes I can name which outfit has blue in it. Superman of course (who happens to be my favorite)! And how about Captain America? To name a few. But of all superheroes with blue in it, Spiderman overrules everyone.
 Yesterday, my husband asked if I regret getting the Spiderman pajama yet for Evie. The answer is yes and no. Yes because she got crazy over it. She  refused to take off her PJs. She wouldn't even want to take a shower because she knew that the moment she takes off her outfit, she won't be able to wear it the whole day. I had to convince her that it's dirty and needed to wash it. That very night, she asked to wear it again.

My other answer is no. No because she loves it! ;o) I am a Mom and anything I buy that my daughter loves makes me happy.

Role Play

The time Evie got to know Spiderman, superhero role-playing in our home started. She calls me Hulk (she likes Hulk but not as much as Spidy), calls Fi Baby Hulk, and her Dada Captain America. Whenever she feels like role-playing, we have to pretend and talk according to the superhero she assigned us. Her eyes gleam everytime I call her Spiderman. Just makes her so happy. Every now and then, Spiderman and Hulk say "I love you" to each other, of which in the superhero world, sounds awkward...but not in our house.

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