Friday, March 9, 2012

A Sister's Touch

“A sister is one who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.”

Evie felt her sister's movement for the first time yesterday. She pressed her palm on my bare, pregnant tummy, waited until the baby kicked. She grinned so widely when she felt it, as if she exactly knew who was responsible of the physical sensation she just experienced with her hand against my belly. After the first movement, she wanted to do it over and over again. I wonder what she thought of what she was doing. Perhaps she thought it's a new, fun game.

We have been instilling in her mind that the baby in Mama's tummy is her sister and friend. She should have a tiny idea what a friend is because we call all the kids her age that she plays with her friends. One time, we met a little girl her age in our neighborhood and they spent a few minutes together. From then on, she'd tell me she wants to go out and find her friend. But a sister, she still doesn't understand. The concept is too complicated and deep for her innocent mind to grasp. But she'll get there. For now, I just let her contentment be full from enjoying the baby's movement through her touch—a sister's touch.

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