Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Night at Cardon's Children Medical Center

Writing this blog sitting on a recliner inside the room where my daughter is admitted due to acute respiratory distress. We took her to the emergency around 3 or 3:30 in the morning. She had problem with her breathing. It started out with a very dry cough Monday night, and she started to have difficulty breathing Tuesday morning. We planned to take her to the pediatrician come Wednesday morning but with what was going on with her breathing, we decided to take  her to the ER instead. It's always best to be sure specially when it comes to her health. We've been in this situation for many times already, and we know when to go to the hospital.

She is currently sleeping right now. She is very tired after a long night and day. She didn't like the one hour breathing treatment at all. She tried to be very patient with it, but after thirty minutes or so, she got so upset with it and just wanted to stop the treatment. At home, we never have a problem administrating the breathing treatment. In fact, she's the one who insists to have it even if she doesn't need one. She'd usually tell us she wants breathing treatment, more so yesterday when she wasn't feeling well. Every now and then, she'd tell me she needed breathing treatment or medicine (Benadryl and Honey Elixir). She knew she's not well. She knew what her body needed and she knew that when she have those, she feels better.

Good thing with this stay in the hospital is that she never get any shots nor is on I.V. That would make her more upset. She's getting frequent breathing medication. The hospital decided to admit her because the level of her oxygen is low and still having some respiratory distress.

Grandpa and Nana were able to come and watch her for two hours while Mama and Dada went home to take shower and pick up things that she needs. Today is her Nana's birthday and it's sad that Evie has to spend the day in the hospital.

Praying that she gets much better and get discharge tomorrow. May the hands of her Maker through Jesus' powerful name heal her and restore her good health.

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