Friday, February 17, 2012

Filipino Breakfast Craving

I was hungry so early in the morning today but couldn't think of what exactly I was craving for. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich was the first thing I could think of, but we're out of bread. So I had to look for another option. Immediately my appetite was telling me to eat rice. It's been so long since I had rice in the morning. Rice is one of the typical food served in Filipino breakfast. I usually eat rice with scrambled egg and dried fish. Good thing is, we have what I needed! For Filipinos, rice, egg, and dried fish (dipped in vinegar) are a perfect breakfast combination. Plus coffee of course! We actually eat with with instant noodles too (which I don't have at home).

I had a very filling breakfast. I indulged what my craving was asking. Not so good with my husband though. The smell of fried dried fish in the house was circling around the house. Well, that's included in the package for marrying a Filipina and he's very understanding of it too. Lucky me! :)

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