Wednesday, August 24, 2011

She's 2!

My little girl turned 2 last week! I can't believe I already have a 2 year old girl who continues to amaze me each and everyday.

Last week was a busy week for her. Half of the week, she went "ba-bye." Her Dada decided to take off work from Wednesday to Friday, so, we were able to take her outside the corners of our tiny home. She loves to go ba-bye. It's one of her favorite things to do. And since it's her birthday week, she got to spend most of her days outside the house. We took her to the play area in various malls and Disney Store in Arizona Mills. Obviously, Disney Store was a hit. She got to see her favorite characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and filled her little hands as much stuffed toys as she can.

On Saturday (August 20), family and friends joined with us to celebrate her birthday at Tempe Town Lake Splash Playground. It was the perfect venue for her birthday that falls on a sunny and warm weather. All kids had fun running around and playing with the water fountains, as parents did all the chasing. Evie most of all had an awesome time in the water. She's like her Dada—water lover.

For food, we prepared grilled chicken, grilled corn, and hot dogs. All-American chocolate cake was the dessert. Evie's Dada did a great job in hauling all the stuff that we needed to bring to the party and of course the food preparation. But at the end of the day, he was dead tired.

Family and friends were so generous to bring gifts for the birthday girl. More things to add to her collection of toys and clothes. Luckily this year, she's already interested to open and rip off presents. I remember when she was 1, she didn't care much of the wrapped presents she got. Well at 2, she already knows what's going on around her and discovered that ripping off papers is as fun as playing in the water.

Everyone went home happy—and worn out. Evie fell asleep on our way home and slept for 2-hour straight. It may be a tiring day, but absolutely magnificent. We are so blessed that we have our daughter in our lives. God has been so generous, as always.

The next day, we discovered the tan lines on her body that were not covered by her swimsuit. We didn't applied sunblock on her. Thankfully she's not like her Dada who gets burn under the sun. :)

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