Friday, July 1, 2011

Coughing and Nebulizer Breathing Treatments

My husband took my daughter to the pediatrician today after having problem with breathing last night. She's got a cold and was coughing. She was breathing heavily and groaning at the same time. We didn't have enough sleep because she was waking up a lot of times and changing sleeping positions often. And of course as parents, worry was another reason that kept us awake. When morning came, we came into a decision to take her to the doctor. He suggested that I will stay at home and get sleep while they go to the pediatrician. I wanted to go with them, but after realizing that I needed enough energy for the whole day to take care my sick girl, I agreed to stay at home and get as much sleep as I can until they're home.

Chest Spasm and Nebulizer Breathing Treatment
Two hours after, they came home with a nebulizer for her breathing treatment. Her doctor said that her cold has gotten into her chest causing spasm, reason why she is breathing heavily. She had her first breathing treatment at the doctor's office of which she didn't like at all. She was crying and struggling to take it off of her.

The pediatrician prescribed Albuterol Sulfate (that will go into the nebulizer), and a cough medicine called "Prednisolone." We are to give her the cough medicine 1 1/2 teaspoon a day for 5 days. Her nebulizer breathing treatment needs to be administered every 3 to 4 hours.

Giving her the breathing treatment for the first time myself was not that easy. She was wailing and struggling. Her cry sounded like I was going to do something that will hurt her. After 3 to 5 minutes of fighting with me, she calmed down whimpering—until she fell asleep while I continued the treatment. The second time I gave her the treatment, it was easier. She whimpered for a little bit, but later was relaxing on my lap as she watched Barney. Perhaps, she's starting to get used to the treatment. After the liquid medicine was all consumed, I said "All done!" and she excitedly repeat what I just said. Hopefully, in the next treatment, there would be no more cry or resistance.

The breathing treatment using the nebulizer and Albuterol has helped a lot. After the treatment, her breathing was so much better. Thank God for this treatment. Her (afternoon) sleep improved a lot compared to last night's. I am hoping and praying that she will feel better soon. It is an emotional torture to see her sick.

Helpful Resource

If you encountered a problem like this with your child and wants to understand it better, I found a valuable information that might also help you. Check this link about coughing.


  1. Hi Riz..sorry to hear about Evie. Nong nahospital si Aika dahil sa RSV yan dun yong gamot na ginamit nila sa breathing treatment nya. I'm glad Evie is doing great now. Sakit kaayo sa dughan oy makita nimo imo anak nga nabudlayan.

    Evelyn nesbitt here..sorry wala kasi ako account kaya anonymous na lang :)

  2. Thanks Eve! Gano'n din pala ginamit kay Aika no'ng nasa hospital sya? Thank God, Evie is so much better now :)