Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Toddler's "No" Stage

My daughter has just started saying "no" to a lot of things now. The refusal of most requests or questions answerable by yes or no began for days now. Is this the beginning of what they called "terrible twos?" Could be. I thought she would be different. I thought she wouldn't say "no" as much as other toddlers because we don't say "no" to her constantly. We usually use "do not" or "stop" if she does something that we don't approved of. But with what is going on right now, I am wrong that she would be different. Can't really stop this stage. According to experts, it's a normal toddler stage.

So, what we're doing when she says "no" is not react to it like we are unhappy of her answer. Maybe that will help minimize her refusal later. Also, an article from BabyCenter.com entitled, Resistance: What to do About the Endless No's offers a lot of tips on how to deal this toddler's "no" stage. Hopefully, this "no" to everything phase will not last that long. Crossing my fingers.

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