Friday, June 10, 2011

Making Bible Costume

Been quite busy the past weeks and so I have not gotten the chance to write and update. Most of the things that I have been busy with are church-related stuff. My husband and I just officially started our volunteer work every Sunday in our church to teach and take care of the two-year-olds while their parents are attending a class or church service. Next week is the Vacation Bible School (VBS) and we also volunteered for it. It is a whole week activity, so, I am expecting a busier week ahead.

Speaking of VBS, volunteers are going to wear Bible costumes. So, I have been a busy bee sewing costumes for me and my husband. Later I decided to make my daughter her costume too. Don't get me wrong, she's not going to volunteer :) But since there were still extra cloths from the ones that I used, I thought of making hers too. I actually made her two dresses. The colors are the same as mine. She got so excited when I let her try it on. Maybe because I was wearing my costume and she saw that the ones I put on her have the same colors as hers. She was running around the house wearing the dresses. It's funny when she put on the one which length is too long for her height. She said "where toes?" because she couldn't see her toes. So she sat down and pulled the dress and exclaimed "there it is!" It made me laugh to see how excited she was to see her toes again. Her costumes still need accessories. Thought of posting the pictures when I am done with it. I just realized that these dresses are the first outfits I made for her. Please don't expect a pro's work because I am not. I can sew, but I am not a tailor.

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