Thursday, March 31, 2011

Frozen Grapes: Teething Relief to Special Treats

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Do you know that frozen grapes are a great teething relief tool for toddlers? I started to use this natural teething remedy for my daughter when she learned to eat solid food, like chunks of veggies and fruits. I won't suggest this for babies who do not know how to chew yet because choking would be the worst that can happen, if ever. That would be a real, tough challenge as a parent where your kid's life is at risk.

Frozen grapes as teething relief was suggested by my mother-in-law. Thanks to her, or else I wouldn't know how mother nature's harvest combined with human technology work wonders to a little person whose teeth are racing to sprout.

Introducing frozen grapes to my daughter was never a problem. She never refused the first time we gave it to her. Although there's that initial reaction and look in her face on "what's this thing?" followed with few licking and tasting. The acceptance to this "new thing" was quick and successful. She actually does not know the primary purpose of the frozen grapes. All she knows is that, it's different from what she normally eats and it's pleasurable in her mouth.

As this teething relief technique progressed along the way, frozen grapes are no longer just a delightful bite to soothe teething discomfort, but also now have become her treats. Because we do not give it to her that often, she thinks that frozen grapes are very special snacks. You can tell her excitement through the glimmer of her eyes and the smile her lips outline.

Soothing the pain of teething in babies using frozen grapes is never a hard work. All you have to do is rinse the grapes thoroughly, remove the excess water, put it in a container, and keep it in the freezer. As easy as that. It does not only ease the pain, it's a natural remedy too! You might even like to feast on frozen grapes for snacks (not because you're also teething) :). You will be surprised how satisfying it is in the mouth. 

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