Thursday, December 23, 2010

Moms Voices on TV Programming

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As a parent and a full-time Mom, I take responsibility of the TV shows that my daughter will watch. Right now since she is only 1+ years old, her TV time is only limited to Baby Einstein or Baby Genius nursery rhymes DVDs. No real TV programs for her yet. But in due time when she's older and is ready for TV-watching, I need to see to it that what she watches are kid-friendly shows and fall on her age bracket.

There may come a time at my daughter's teen age, she would insist to watch a show that I might not like. This could be a real problem. I think that one way to solve this dilemma is getting connected with Moms like the Charter Moms on Facebook. These people are group of Moms who share experience, opinions, suggestions, and advice with other Moms regarding issues on family TV watching. Hearing their voices  with particular issues would be a great way to ponder upon.

Presently at home, my husband and I enjoy watching cooking contest shows like Top Chef, The Next Iron Chef, He'lls Kitchen, The Next Food Network Star, and other reality shows like the Amazing Race. When our little one grows up, I am pretty sure that we will take time to review shows that we will watch exclusively as a family. Some shows that my husband and I currently watch are not appropriate for a growing little girl in the house. TV programming would be different in our family when the time comes that there's not two but three people will be watching at the same time. I'm glad that I can ask suggestions from Charter Moms regarding this specially that this group is the always the "first to know" when new TV services or programming is upcoming.

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