Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bottle Weaning: Day 2 and 3

Day 2: Saying Yes to the Sippy Cup
Day 2 was kind of successful. She didn't refuse to drink the milk from the sippy cup when I gave it to her (morning and afternoon). However, she didn't finish the entire drink. She left about a quarter in each cup. So, I had to keep reminding her that she must finish her milk. She did. I was quite happy of the result. It's a big progress.

Day 3: Refusing to Drink
She refused to drink from her sippy cup both morning and afternoon. I am not too sure of the reasons. My guess though is that, she was over-stimulated with what was going on in the house today. This morning her Dada and me were busy and the house was noisy from the sounds of the vacuum cleaner and Rug Doctor. She either wanted to get involve or play. There were even times she would cover her ears because of how loud it was in the house.

Later in the afternoon, she was very excited to go out after we put her shoes on. Each time we gave her the cup, she shook her head and pushed it away. All she cared about was opening the back door so she can go out. In fairness though, even if she expressed her refusal a lot of times in our attempts, she still managed to drink her milk in the cup and emptied it. And yes, it wouldn't be possible if we did not stretch our patience and insistence. That's just one of parenthood's value—developing inner virtues. No wonder I love parenting.

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