Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Haircut and More Firsts

For the very first time, she got her haircut last Saturday! I know that she didn't have that much hair, but a haircut absolutely helped in making her very fine hair go crazy every morning when she wakes up. Time for the curly tips to go away! :)

She had to be on my lap. I do not think the hairdresser would successfully cut her hair without me holding her. It was a little bit challenging for the lady to cut her hair. She didn't move that much, but her curiosity of what the hairdresser was doing made her turn her head wherever she went. On the other hand, I thought we won't be able to have a remembrance of her first haircut because I forgot to bring the camera. Thankfully, the cellphone came to mind. Dada was able to upload a few.

A Night of Firsts

Aside from getting her first haircut on Saturday, there were more "firsts" abilities that she showcased that night:

Climbing out of the bathtub - Put her in the bathtub for a wash. I let her play there while I was busy fixing my hair in front of the mirror. Seconds later when I turned around, she was already behind me! So excited, I put her back in the tub, called her Dada, and we both watched how she did it. The little pumpkin is getting taller!

Taking off her pants - Dada and I were having dinner while she was on the couch. We heard a grunting noise so her Dada went and checked. Alas! She took off her pants and was working to put it back on. These past few days, she has been trying to put on her pants, shoes, and socks.

Opening doors -  She was crying outside her room, so desperate to go inside because I was there. She grabbed, pulled the door knob down, and pushed the door. She ended up with me! What a smarty! I let her do it again in our bedroom. Video is shown below.

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