Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend Dinners with the Family

Guest post written by Gladys Stevens

About every other weekend or so, my son and his wife come have dinner at my house with my husband and I. Sometimes we cook ourselves, other times we order in from our favorite Italian restaurant up the road. Afterwards, we always watch a movie together—something my son picks up on the way. Well, recently, I’ve been having a difficult time hearing all the dialogue in the movies we watch. I’ve had my husband turn the closed-captioning on, but that’s only a temporary fix—it’s no fun when you have to read everything they’re saying because you can’t watch the screen itself! That’s why last week I went to get my hearing tested. I told the specialist what I’d been experiencing, and he was able to fit me into the right hearing aid for me—and he even went over miracle ear pricing with me. I’ve had them for almost a week now and they’re working great. In fact, we had our bi-weekly dinner with my son last night. We watched the entire movie—The Longest Yard—with no closed captioning at all. It felt great, and I know my family was glad to be rid of those annoying black text boxes!

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