Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Formula: What's Your Choice?

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Ever heard of the recent Similac baby formulas recall? I actually wrote about it on my blog. If you feed your baby with this brand and haven't heard the news, you can check my blog post about it. Most of Similac's powdered baby formula are affected by the recall. But for Moms using this brand, there's nothing to panic about on what to feed your baby now that a recall is implemented. There's another option that takes away your worries—store brand formula. 

Speaking of baby formulas, most of us parents tend to go with name brands. My husband and I were one. Because the hospital introduced Similac to our daughter, we ended up using it when we took our baby home. Besides, I had this notion that it should be the best formula of all formulas because it's what the hospital gives to every baby born there. But after we ran out of free baby formulas, the reality of how it impacted on our budget was surprising. Something had to be done. That's when the store brand formula came in. We spent enough time to compare the nutrients of the store brand formula to the previous one we used. Of course, our baby's nutritional needs were always the priority. Surprisingly, both products have the same nutritional values, but, differ so much in price. So what do you think we did? Without a doubt, we switch to generic formula. With prices so much cheaper than the name brand, we didn't only save big. Most importantly, we gave our daughter the nourishment she needed.

My advice to parents-to-be or parents who are stuck on the dilemma of the high prices of name-brand formulas, consider to use store brand formulas like Walmart's Parent's Choice, Babies 'R' Us, Fry's, and more. Parent's Choice baby formulas for example meet the nutritional standards set by the FDA. Examine the nutritional substance of each other by yourself and assess the difference. Comparing is so easy since you can always find big-name baby formulas on the same shelves.

Meanwhile, good news to parents who use Parent's Choice baby formulas. You can already order the product online. Your order will be delivered straight to your home without additional charges. It comes in can sizes of 4 to 6 units. If you're too busy to drop by at your local Walmart store to pick up food for your infant, ordering online is the best option.

We've got a lot of choices when it comes to what brand name of baby formula we should give our infants. Don't limit yourself in just one product because it's popular. Don't forget to consider the price and what's in it. I have made my choice, what's yours?

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