Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pampers Gifts to Grow Reward, Ordered and Shipped

After months of patiently adding points in our Pampers Gifts to Grow account, I finally decided to pick a reward item and ordered it last Friday. Among the rewards products listed on the Pampers Gifts to Grow Reward Catalog, I chose the Dora Soft Potty Seat which price ranges from $11 to $16. This item is equivalent to 1,000 points. We actually have accumulated a total of 1,906 points from all the Pampers diapers and wipes that we purchased and those given during the baby shower. My husband's co-worker who has an infant is also giving us the codes she got from Pampers products, so, it really helped a lot to reach such points.

I chose the Dora Soft Potty Seat because among the rewards items that are currently offered in the Gifts to Grow program, this is the product that my daughter can surely use in the future when we potty train her. According to the products specifications, it fits most standard toilets and the cushion can be removed for cleaning.

I just got an email from Pampers today that the Dora Soft Potty Seat I ordered has been shipped on this date. I'm looking forward to receive it. And by the way, the shipping is FREE!

If your baby is using Pampers diapers and wipes, and you are interested to get rewards out of what you have purchased, all you need to do is register on Pampers Gifts to Grow program and collect points from the codes attached on the products. For detailed steps on how to join, check this article: How to Earn Points and Redeem Rewards Using Pampers Products.  

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