Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby Colic, Gastric Reflux, and Gas Problems

Before having my daughter, I do not have any clue what colic in infant is. I heard the term a lot from mothers but didn't bother to know what it is about. When Eve was born, she experienced physical discomforts. As first time parents, we know nothing of reasons why she's crying and what she actually feels. We didn't know that she was having infant gas problems. Doing some research online and asking friends with kids helped us a lot in discovering what our daughter was going through. It feels terrible on our part as parents when our babies are colicky or having gas problems. The crying seems endless and looking at our babies suffering the ordeal of stomach discomforts breaks our hearts. I for one felt awful when Eve had colic and gas problems when she was very young. The treatment that we administered when colic or gas problem attacked her was a dose of gripe water—recommended by her pediatrician. It's an over-the-counter medicine for infants with colic. We also massage her tummy gently in circular motion to release the gas. It actually works!

Another dilemma that some parents are facing is acid reflux in toddlers wherein babies spit up the food after every feeding. I know some friends whose children are like this. Some are worse, some mild. One thing I am so thankful about is that, my daughter didn't have gastric reflux problem. She only spit up very few times when she was 1 to 2 months old. Beyond that age, she's doing great with every feeding.

When our babies are not feeling well
, it is always good for us parents to consult our baby's pediatrician. They know best when it comes to our children's well-being. If your baby is experiencing colic, gas problems, or acid reflux, just remember that you are not alone. Many Moms who had been through these can give you good tips on how to treat the problem. And there are certain ways to treat these discomforts right, whether it is published online or on books. Research and resourcefulness are keys to finding the right answers.

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