Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Food in a Cup

We are starting to introduce the use of a cup for her feeding last Sunday. As expected, it was so messy that I had to give her another bath after she finished her food. It may be messy, but totally FUN! It was her Dada who fed her while I took pictures and videos.

"First times" are always fun, well, except vaccinations. At first, she didn't know what to do with the milk on her tongue. She would stick her tongue out making the formula dripped on her chin. She ended up having a goatee made of milk!

We decided to get her acquainted with a regular cup instead of a "sippy cup" which is very popular among kids. Well, we based that decision from the recommendation we got from reading the baby book -- What to Expect the First Year. Accordingly, it is an advantage that a baby begins using a "spoutless" cup. This way, she will master the "art of sipping" without the spill protection (which is one of the few features of a sippy cup). We thought of letting her use the cup for a week before we introduce a sippy cup as an alternate.

Been 3 days since she ate her food in a cup (we only do it a day). So far, she's improving. She's swallowing more each feeding. After the first experience, we learned that we should feed her before bath time. That way, I no longer have to give her a second bath.

After few tries, she was able to figure out the swallowing, but still, not perfect. However, she's getting there for sure. More practice and she will master the art :)

Trivia: the cup that she's using is her Dada's cup when he was a baby.

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