Saturday, February 13, 2010

Evie Got Diarrhea

Her poor bottom! She started to get diarrhea on Thursday. She pooped 7 times although not really watery. When she woke up for her first feeding, her diaper didn't look wet at all. Plus, when her Dada got up in the morning he had to change her twice and the stools were watery.

An on-call nurse at pediatrician's office advised my husband to give Eve an ounce of Pedialyte in between feedings. And for assurance and peace of mind, her Dada scheduled a doctor's appointment on the same day.

The doctor said she didn't look sick at all. Yes, she does not. The only problem was her frequent pooping of very soft (sometimes watery) stools. She spit up a little bit, but not really vomiting. We were told to watch out for "blood in the stool" and frequent vomiting because that means something is not good going on in her system. Thankfully, those symptoms are "zero." I suspected this diarrhea is related to her teething.

She has been peeing normally since yesterday. Last night while she was asleep she pooped twice. We immediately gave her 2 ounces of Pedialyte (as per advice by her pediatrician). She woke up this morning with no poop on her diaper, just full of pee. :)

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