Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Evie is Three Months Old: Emergency Trip to the Hospital

Two days before she turned 3 months old, we took Eve to the pediatrician because of few issues: cold, constipation, and eczema. Her doctor told us to give her a teaspoon of milk of magnesia three times a day for her hard, solid poop. Before that, we gave her corn syrup (Karo brand) mixed with water but didn't work. When he looked at Eve's skin, he said that it was atopic dermatitis and prescribed the 2.5% hydrocortisone. My husband brought the prescription to Wallmart pharmacy. However, the pharmacist won't give us the medicine until he can talk to the doctor. Based on their record, infants are not included to be given the 2.5% hydrocortisone. After two days of trying to reach the doctor's office, the pharmacist was advised to give the medicine but informed my husband not to use it for more than a week. If the baby's skin has not improved, we were told to go back to the pediatrician's office.

On Wednesday the 18th, we were able to administer the cream on her skin. The day after, her skin looked better but I noticed a small, red, swelling bump on her right leg. I thought it's from her skin condition. Friday, the swelling spread, and when I touched it, it felt warm. I immediately told my husband about the swelling right after he reached home from work. He said that he will get a doctor's appointment for her, come Monday.

Around 2AM Saturday, Eve's fussiness awakened her Dada. He got up to feed her but noticed that she was warmer than normal. Overhearing her fussiness I got up to check them. I was disturbed when I found out how warm she felt against my skin. My husband took her temperature and it was 100+ F°! We immediately changed clothes, prepared her things, and zoomed to the nearest hospital.

We took her to the emergency section of Banner Gateway Hospital (where she was born). Her vital signs were checked and later the doctor came over to see her. When she noticed the red swelling on her leg, she said that the baby had a skin infection. Inside a room, nurses and other hospital staff took care of her. She was poked with needles three times. The first try was unsuccessful. The second one, they drew blood samples, and the third one which was on the right side of her head was for the IV. She was administered with antibiotic. That poor little girl. The pain she went through was absolutely unpleasant.

About an hour or two, an ambulance came to pick us up. She needed to be transferred to the Phoenix Children's Hospital because Banner Gateway does not confine children. I was in the ambulance with her while her Dada went home to get stuff we needed and informed his Mom. Eve fell asleep on our way to another hospital. She was directly admitted in the emergency while some staff came to and fro to ask questions. Few hours later, her Dada arrived with her Nana. Mom and I hugged each other and we both cried. It's awful to see such a delicate baby going through a lot.

A lumbar puncture was performed to get a sample of her cerebrospinal fluid. Fortunately, the sample looked clear and lab test turned out that it's free from any sign of infection. She was moved to a regular room and was examined by the attending doctors. They were certain that her right leg was infected. They decided to put a mark on the swelling part using a surgical pen in able to monitor the progress of the swelling while antibiotic is given. The doctors were really nice specially Dr. Royal. He explained everything to us and the things that needed to be done. We felt that he really cared about our baby's wellness.

The nurse and her assistants bathed the baby with hydrocortisone, Vaseline (petroleum jelly), and Aquaphor. It's amazing to see the development of her skin the next day. The doctors and hospital staff were also happy that the infection on her leg reacted well with the antibiotic given. The swelling subsided, and on the third day there was a big progress, the reason why she was discharged from the hospital.

While at home, we continued to give her the antibiotic. We also applied the creams recommended. There is so much improvement, plus, the cold that was making her uncomfortable for more than a week is completely gone. Today was her last day to take the antibiotic. What a relief!

Never in my wildest dream that Eve would land in the hospital at this very young age. The needle poking and other painful medical intervention were terrible. However, I am so thankful that after all what she went through, she is healthy again. She is such a brave little girl. I am so proud of her. I thank my God for restoring her good health again. He is always faithful.

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