Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby Shower: A Blast!

Eve's baby shower last Saturday (July 11, 2009 - 2PM) was a blast and overwhelming. My husband took me to his parent's place where the party venue was. The hostesses were already there, Jenny Heptinstall, Miriam Holowinski, and of course my mother-in-law. Everyone was busy preparing the food and drinks, the cute decorations, and Aunt Pam was busy decorating the cake.

Few minutes before 2 my husband's relatives showed up. More visitors popped at the door after two carrying with them their gifts with diapers and wipes for the raffle entry. Three girls from the adult class in church whom Miriam invited were also there. That was very touching. We also had a Filipina visitor named Jean which I was so glad about. Her husband is Ryan's co-worker (in another department) and I just met her once during their wedding last month. I really appreciate her coming despite the fact that we have not really known each other that well. I tried my best to accommodate her and most of the time I kept her company. I didn't want her to feel left-out among the crowd since she didn't know anyone from there except me and Sarah (who didn't arrive yet that time). However, I tried to attend to the other visitors too, mingle with them for a little while, then check on Jean again :)

The party started with some good snacks which the hostesses prepared and made. My favorite was Jen's green apples with sauce made of caramel, cheese and nuts. That was good. Right after everyone filled our stomachs, a game was introduced. It was to guess how big my belly is using a crepe paper. A roll of the paper was given and passed to everyone. Aunt Sparkle's (mother-in-law's sister) paper was the first one to get tried on. It was wrapped around my belly and to everybody's amazement, it fitted almost perfectly! Then, each one's paper measurement was tried on me. Most of the girls guessed I had such a big belly :D Aunt Sparkle won the game and she got a prize of journals which she's happy to get. Robyn Olney won the raffle and got a set of body lotion.

The next game that was introduced was the "memory game" where each person had to pick a number with a corresponding word/s related to pregnancy and pick another number which she thinks contain the same words from the first number she chose. Everyone really enjoyed it. Jen was so clever enough to come up with a chocolate prize that relates to each word.

The opening of presents was very fun and surprising. We got tons of pretty little dresses, onesies, towels, blankets, toys etc... Opening each gift was a little bit tiring, but I really enjoyed each of it. Aunt Louis great grand daughter Gabrielle Kane, made it more fun because she got so excited for each gift that I unwrapped. She personally picked a gift for us which is a very soft pink and white blanket :)

I didn't expect that a lot of girls would come to the baby shower. Jen, Miriam and Mom really made a great job. I'm so touched with their effort and time, most of all their love and support for me and my husband.

I was also thankful for Ryan's best friends, Russ (Jen's hubby), Scott H. (Miriam's hubby), and Scott O. (Robyn's hubby) for coming over to our place to spend time with him while the girls were having the baby event.

God has blessed us so much with great friends and family. What more can we ask for?

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