Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And Evie is Her Name

St. Patrick's Day. What a day of green, my favorite color. What a day for me and Ryan after seeing our beautiful angel.

We have the privilege to see our joy of bundle again today. I had my level 2 ultrasound or better known as the anatomy scan ultrasound at the Fetal & Women's Center of Arizona. It was an amazing experience for us as first time parents to see the different body parts of our little one: the brain, heart, liver, legs, fingers, nose, lips, spinal cord…and more! Vital body parts were measured making sure everything is developing normally. And yes, we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again. What a music to our ears. Not only to our ears but our hearts knowing that the baby’s heart condition is perfect with a 160 bpm.

Well, this precious little one of us gave us a bit of suspense when it comes to knowing the gender. Legs were crossed, covering the genital part. I had to go and empty my bladder, went back laying to continue the process. Few minutes after, the baby finally revealed to us a sweet surprise. We have a GIRL!!! Who could have thought that we will have a girl? My husband was expecting a boy because his family is crowded with the male gender. Accordingly when it comes to the baby’s gender, the father’s side overpowers the mother’s. But in our case, the mother side won the battle of the sexes. YAY!

Knowing the baby’s sex is just one of the most grateful things to know. We are most grateful when the doctor told us that the baby is perfectly healthy and is developing normally. She is 18 weeks and 2 days, 67.7% in growth and weighs 8 ounces.

We really didn’t go through a face off stage where one picks a name and the other one doesn’t agree because he/she has another name in mind for the baby. Her father already picked her name few months after we professed our love for each other. I think by then, we were already too sure to ourselves that we will end up together building a beautiful home as husband and wife, as parents. I remember when Ryan told me before that he had this baby girl flashing in his mind which he calls “Eve or Evie.” That’s how he came up with Evelyn Faith. Well, it’s not really unfair to me when it comes to choosing the girl’s name. He gave me a list of the second name which are Grace, Faith, Hope and Charity. I chose Faith and told him that we would name our next girl Grace (if we’ll have another girl in the future, by God’s grace). I decided for Faith because it stands for our “faith” in God to do great things for our relationship; for us to be together after being in a long distance relationship for 2 years; and most all, bind us as husband and wife. Our faith in God is rewarded. This priceless, beautiful creation growing in me is the best proof.

We give our thanksgiving and praises to our Almighty Father, our Creator who made everything great and perfect for us. Truly, He is the Giver of our hearts’ desires.

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