Thursday, January 22, 2009

Undoubtedly Positive!

December 22, 2008 (Monday)

The Surprise Purchase
My husband arrived from work carrying bags of groceries. I excitedly took out each item and was dying to know if he got something that I would want to eat. I could barely recall what he got that night except for a box that surprised me. I looked at him perplexed, but was feeling funny inside. I felt like giggling or laughing. It was an unexpected purchase from him. I remember I blurted out "You didn't tell me!" chuckling. We'll he didn't get me the most costly gem he could ever find that day. He got me more than that: home pregnancy test kit.

More than a week had passed since my expected period. I felt it was just one of the few instances where I got delayed for a week or two. I had been feeling symptoms of my menstruation, so I was too sure of myself that I had my another day of abnormal schedule.

A week before this day, I was feeling a bit dizzy and sometimes had slight headaches. One night, I was watching TV when a fresh watermelon flashed on the screen munched by someone, looking so satisfied with every bite. Suddenly, I felt like my mouth was getting watery and swallowed as if I was the one relishing that delectable fresh, crunchy, reddish fruit. I had the urge to eat watermelon. I wanted it badly. I immediately jumped from the couch and gave my husband a ring. I wanted him to get me the fruit. Unfortunately, the phone was unattended. I didn't bother to make another call thinking he could be almost home from work.

When he reached home, I told him how I was feeling dizzy. I mentioned to him the mouth-watering fruit I saw on TV and how I wanted to eat it. He smiled. Hugged me. Gave me kisses on my forehead. I didn't know that on that night after I told him what I had been feeling, he formed a suspicion on his mind that I could be "pregnant."

One morning after we took shower, my husband lovingly took my hand and had me sat on bed. He hold both of my hands tightly, wearing a sweet smile on his face. He looked into my eyes and asked: "Baby, when was your last period?" I giggled. I knew what he meant by the question. I told him the exact date which he knew himself. Then I asked him if he's suspecting that I was pregnant. I got a positive answer. I giggled again. I told him that I had been feeling symptoms of my monthly sickness and I believed I was only delayed. Starting that day, I had been asking myself the "what if." Most of the time I'd deny because of the symptoms I felt and having past experiences of being delayed.

The Moment of Truth
So, I carried this white thing on my hand to the bathroom, feeling anxious. When I was done, I walked slowly to the kitchen where my husband was, with all my eyes on the indicator. To my shock, not one but two red lines appeared! As I was handing it to my husband, I started to cry. There was a feeling of pressure inside me. He looked at it then gave me a tight, loving hug. I really don't know what he felt at that moment. Me, I was in shock. I didn't expect it. He must be shocked too. His tender embrace was all I needed that moment. Yes indeed. The home pregnancy test told us that, "we are pregnant. "

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