Tuesday, February 5, 2013

8 Months Old

My Fi turns 8 months old today! As usual, she's a happy girl, always have a smile ready for everyone.  :)


Fi is now a crawler and starting to raid anything that she can find and hold. Chasing time is definitely on! So, we are trying to make sure to eliminate any thing small that fits into her mouth. But there are times, she finds something that does not belong to her mouth. Just tonight, I caught her chewing her sister's markers. I thought I got everything. Thankfully, I noticed her mouth busily moving. Well, it's the marker's lid!

She tries to stand up by herself by holding on to something that can hold her weight. We had to adjust her crib because she can already push herself up, holding on to the rails. Two inches down, and she's safe!

This morning, she surprised us with using a sign language! We saw her doing the hand motion of "come." We have been showing this hand gesture to her and surprisingly she did it today to her Dada. Lovely!


My Fi loves cheerios (what kid doesn't?)! It's her special treat. She eats homemade mashed vegetables and sometimes jar food (when she gets bored of homemade). She also loves apple sauce!

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