Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trip to the Toilet Twice

I am so proud of my daughter today. She went potty twice in the toilet! The first trip to the toilet today was a tiny one. But the last one was a LOT! :) What a joy to a mother's heart knowing that her little girl is starting to get more attentive of what her body tells her to do and how to act on it! Her last trip to the toilet was actually amusing. I didn't expect that she will got potty again because she already went once. So I asked her if she's done. I had to go back in the bathroom three times to check on her. And three times she said "no." Whenever I leave, she closes the door. Maybe she's telling me she needed some privacy because when I came back, she's back on the potty seat. The last time I checked her, she was already on the floor and was holding the toilet paper's roll. When I looked in the toilet, alas! There it was—the surprise! I couldn't stop smiling when I think of it. She's growing up, not only physically but as well as mentally and emotionally.

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