Thursday, April 14, 2011

No Haircut Until 2

I made this promise to myself a couple months ago that I will cut my daughter's hair every month. However, the last time I chopped her hair, I felt bad that I did a bad job. I know I said not to feel so bad if I don't do a good job when cutting my daughter's hair (because I am not a pro), but I just did a terrible haircutting job lately. So, I told my husband that I will not cut Evie's hair until she's 2 years old (few months from now). The other reason why I decided not to trim her hair from now on until she's 24 months old is that, I want to see how she looks like with long hair. I do not know how many inches will her hair grow four months from now. Hopefully, up to her shoulder. But I kind of doubt it. We'll see. From there, I might change my mind again.

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