Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Easter Egg Hunting

My daughter's first ever Easter egg hunting was fun. At first, she was overwhelmed with the very big crowd—something she's not used to. She was unsure to pick up eggs, and instead just wanted to be near us. As parents, one of our vital roles is to encourage our kids to participate in activities like this where a huge flock of people is involved. My husband and I had to pick her up and put her in the middle of the throng of toddlers and parents, cheering for her to pick up eggs. Finally, the vibrant colors of plastic eggs laying on the green grass were just too irresistible for her not to pick up. She forgot her unsureness of the crowd, started to wipe out the eggs in front her. She was unstoppable filling up her buckets.

Several minutes later she got bored and just wanted to go swing. It was a very nice, fun morning not only for her but also for us, her parents.

Walking towards the area blanketed with hundreds colorful eggs.

Enjoying her first picks of eggs.

Sharing with friend Gabe.

In the middle of other toddlers and parents.

Reaching for more finds.

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