Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Appetite is Back

I am the happiest mother today. My little one's appetite is finally back on track! Her disinterest on food these past days when she was sick was quite stressful on my part. It's something that I am not used to. She's typically a food attacker. So I worried because she's not eating the amount of food that she's supposed to. I even had this fear that her love for food will diminish after the sickness. She literally rejected all her favorite food. She would shake her head whenever we attempted to feed her. There was an instance she missed to drink two consecutive milk feedings because she didn't want it. Many food went to waste. Absolutely a huge challenge for me. She'd been sick before, but she would still eat. But this recent illness utterly shut her appetite down.

Today, she ate all the food I gave her for breakfast and lunch. I made her favorite spaghetti for dinner and she gorged everything in the plate. She also devoured half of the avocado. I can tell that she missed food. Everything is back to normal. Thank God! My heart is smiling again. :)

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