Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stomach Flu: Quick Visit to the Doctor

My daughter had bouts of throwing up last Monday. She vomited twice in the afternoon and once in the evening when she was already settling down for bedtime. Stomach flu had been plaguing the other family members and friends 2 weeks ago. We thought that she wouldn't get it. Unfortunately, she did.

Took her to the pediatrician the next morning. The doctor checked her and said that so far she's doing good specially that it's more than 12 hours since the last time she threw up. Her tummy didn't sound upset. He advised us to give her more liquid like Pedialite, juice, water, and go easy on solid food. Greasy and meats should be avoided while she's not that well yet. Doctor also said that most likely, me and her Dada will get the illness too. Not pleasing to hear at all, but, that's what you get when you have a family.

Right after dinner last night, she puked again. Thankfully today, she's doing great. Her tummy might not be acting normal these past days but she didn't act like she's sick at all. She's eating fine and drinking lots of juice/water. I hope that last night will be the last scenario of throwing up.

Stomach Flu Diet

My daughter's diet while she has stomach flu includes:
  • (lots of) juice/water
  • rice porridge (with a little bit of salt for flavor)
  • apple sauce
  • banana
  • cherrios
  • avocado
  • yogurt
  • unsalted crackers
Her typical everyday food that we refrained giving her until she's well are grapes, apples, raw celery and carrots, rice with meat & veggies, and corn. These type of foods are can't be digested so quickly, so, not good for a little tummy that's not feeling okay.