Friday, January 14, 2011

Bed and Bath Must Haves at Wintertime

Our bedroom is perhaps the coldest place in our house at wintertime. Sleeping in a chilly room isn't fun at all. Even if we turn the heater on, I still feel cold. In cold season like this it is always best to get new electric heated blankets. I couldn't imagine without this bedding necessity. I'd be freezing to death. Using an electric heated blanket keeps me warm and allows me to sleep comfortably all throughout the night. I also don't have to worry if I forget to turn it off because it's got an automatic shut-off feature.

Getting a new girl crib and toddler bedding for winter season is something that I must write in our "must-haves" too, particularly the bedding. Right now, it's nothing to worry about because our little girl co-sleeps with us. However, I know sooner or later, she will be sleeping in her own room. A thick, but light and comfy bedding should be perfect to keep her warm, giving her a good night sleep.

You know another thing I must have on winter? Solid towels, specially bath towels! I dread going out from the shower without the right towel to cover me. A thick, but soft bath towel is absolutely a need for me after every shower time. As much as winter is not a favorite season of mine, there's always a way to make it a pleasant time of the year. And buying the right bed and bath stuff is one.

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