Friday, December 3, 2010

Using a Spoon at Meal Time

I deemed that it's time that she feeds herself with a spoon instead of bare hands.

Grabbing the spoon from me every meal time is a typical scenario. It's a message telling me that she wants to do it herself. I gave her the spoon once in a while and let her do it. But because of how she couldn't coordinate well with the scooping and ushering the spoon to her mouth, I decided not to let her do it on her own  yet. However last night, the moment has come. After she gorged half of her dinner, I decided to hand her the spoon and see if she's ready for a "feeding-myself-using-a-spoon training." She actually did a good job. This time, she's able to shovel food on the utensil and take it to her mouth. I believed that the pretend play she does everyday with an empty plate (sometimes with cheerios) and spoon helps the coordination development. Well, there is still the temptation to use her hands picking up food. Later she put down the spoon (probably getting impatient of how slow she can feed herself using it), picked up the bowl and pulled it to her face. She could be thinking that it's easier and faster to stuff her tummy if she drinks her food. Weirdo :) I love my little apprentice. She's smart!

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