Friday, October 22, 2010

Evie Visits the Phoenix Zoo

The little girl had a great time last Wednesday at the Phoenix Zoo. It's her Dada's birthday and we decided to spend it with the amazing collection of wild animals. She was only 2 months when she first visited the zoo. Too young to notice the beauty and marvelous creatures around her. Now that she's more than a year old, she had at least enjoyed some of the animals specially the huge and colorful ones. She got to pet farm animals like goats, cows, sheep, and horses.

One of her most favorite things to do was the walking. Maybe because she loves the outside world and her freedom. Yet there came a time that she got tired too and just wanted to be picked up and held. Thankfully, we brought the wagon with us, making it so much easy to carry a 20+ pound baby and other stuff. She took pleasure in her rides. Thanks to her grandpa for giving the wagon to her. It was a big help for outings like zoo trips.

She either made noises or pointed her finger when she sees an animal. Meeting Miss or Mr. Turkey was not fun though. She got pecked on her fingers. Glad she didn't cry. On the other hand, watching a very cute breed of monkey in a very close distance (a foot or two) was cool. The whole time with her close encounter with the wild, she didn't show any sign of fear at all. She was all willing to touch each one if she could.

She ended up her trip to the Phoenix Zoo playing in the water play with other kids. She was the most happy girl in the world. Each time the water spouted from the fountain, her excitement grew. She couldn't stop chasing them and couldn't stop herself from dancing as tribal music was played on the background. It was the most enjoyable part of her day. She shrieked, laughed, ran, danced, splashed water. She wished it never ended. She wished we didn't have to go home. She wished we just have to stay there. She forgot how tired she was.

By the time she goes back to the world of wild animals next year, she probably would appreciate more the enchanting beauty of nature. It would be more exciting for her each year as she gets to fully comprehend how awesome these creations are. But most of all the One who created them.

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Her first visit to the zoo. All she did was ZzzzZzzzzzzz...

A year later...
 By the Phoenix Zoo entrance ready for a great adventure!

 Wagon ride is fun!

Experiencing what it's like to touch and play with the wild creatures

  Encounter with farm animals

 One word for water play—FUN!

 On the way home—"bye bye zoo, bye bye water play"