Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Evie Goes Dirty

One of the favorite things that my daughter and I loves to share in our afternoons is going out in the backyard. Well, she loves it more than I do because she can explore things that she can't while inside. She gets excited everytime I water the plants for two reasons: playing the sprinkling water with her hands, and the mud the water creates when the ground gets damp. The latter is what she's more delighted about. She loves DIRT... she loves MUD!!!

I let her play with it. She likes scooping the mud with her hands or uses a tool to spread it. I just make sure that she doesn't put it in her mouth. Another thing she discovers is the fun of stomping on it. Obviously, her shoes gets so dirty too. But each smile that flashes on her face makes me forget the torment of cleaning filthy shoes. 

My heart is gratified each time my own eyes witness my daughter is enjoying her childhood. Would I be able to let her relish her childhood to the fullest? It's what I want. But I do not know the answer to my question.

 However, the joy of playing in the mud is one of the things I do not want her to miss while she is still a child. I had the share of bliss back when I was a little one myself. Mud could be dirty, but it helps me appreciate the beauty and innocence of childhood.

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