Monday, August 2, 2010

Who Says My Daughter Can't Eat Ice Cream?

Well, that's what I thought before. When my daughter had a bad allergy reaction from eating just a little amount of ice cream, I thought that she could never eat ice cream all her life. Dairy products are not her skin's best friends. Cream, cheese, milk, yogurt—any dairy-based goods that she had, made her so itchy and made her skin red and bumpy. One day, her Dada hugged her after she had a skin breakout. While she was wrapped in his arms, softly, he told her with so much assurance, "Dada will find you ice cream." Watching them was so touching.

One night, he went home with 2 pints of vanilla and coconut ice cream. Its brand name is called Purely Decadent made by Turtle Mountain. He got it from Fresh & Easy. The products are dairy-free. Whoaaa! The vanilla flavored is made with soy milk, while the other one coconut milk. Alas! She was fine after few tastes. Few weeks later, he came home with yogurt—for her. It's called Soyogurt manufactured by Pulmuone Wild Wood. He got her blue berries and peach. She likes blue berries more than the peach yogurt.

I am quite happy that my daughter can eat the same kinds of food that most people can, except that hers has special ingredients on it. It's a little bit pricey compared to the regular ice cream and yogurt goods. However price is not an issue when it comes to her food. I'm so thankful that there are food producers who make special products for people who are dairy-allergic like my kid.

If your child is also allergic to foods made with dairy products, there's nothing to worry about. With how advanced the food industry in this generation is, everything can be made according to one's needs.

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  1. Our family is now completely dairy-free and our little ones never feel deprived. They especially like So Delicious coconut milk yogurt and ice cream. The little mini ice cream sandwiches and chocolate yogurt are their favorites.