Friday, July 23, 2010

Kids Photo Contests

If you're a Mom (like me) who loves to capture every special moment of your child in pictures, I suggest that you join the photo contests at The website has various categories that you can submit your contest entries on: babies, toddlers, and a mixed of both. Aside from the possibility of winning great prices, the primary reason why I submitted my daughter's pictures is to share to other Moms around the world her precious smiles and cute, silly, dramatic moments I caught in clicking the camera. Well, I am one proud Mama.

It's my very first time to join. I submitted one picture of her in the weekly contest called "Best Facial Expressions." To win, the picture needs to get the most number of votes. In able to get the #1 spot and beat hundreds of entries, you need the help of family and friends. They can cast their votes through the picture's link that will be sent to you from The easiest way to do this is to forward the mail to your family and friends' emails or if you have a Facebook account, you can post it on your wall. They (and you)  can vote everyday (if they/you are that patient) if you want to get winner's spot (who doesn't?).

As I write this blog, my Evie's current rank is at #251. The contest ends on the 25th of July. Two more days to go. Basing on her place on the contest, I think we will not get the first place. :D But it's absolutely okay, every week is contest week. What's important is, I was able to share one great moment she had to the world. I'd appreciate it if you get to read this blog before or on the 25th of July and vote for her. :)

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