Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Just Friends" Our Perfect Date Night Movie

Thanks for the post, Kathy Shelton
My husband and I try to take advantage of the kids usually being gone to family or friend's houses on Friday nights and enjoying a movie date night all for ourselves while watching it on our Direct TV. While there are plenty of great date movies to choose from, our favorite is still Just Friends.

"Just Friends" is a great date night movie because it is not only extremely funny, but sweet and romantic as well. The movie is about a guy who used to be extremely overweight in high school that had a huge crush on his best friend who was a popular cheerleader. After being embarrassed at a graduation party he leaves town, loses all the weight and becomes a successful bachelor. During some embarrassing mishaps while he is working, he finds himself back in his hometown in front of his old crush with all the old feelings coming back. While I do not want to ruin the ending, lets just say the ending is amazingly sweet and even leaves my husband saying "Aww!"

In addition to the romantic ending the movie is packed with tons of comedy and includes stars like Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris and Amy Smart. The movie is rated PG13 so it's still somewhat family friendly if you are worried about kids coming in and out of the room or like to keep your movie choices somewhat clean.

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