Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Wrath of Hurricane Evie!

Well actually, she was not in extreme anger when she did this chaos in her room. It only looks like this type of scene is a cause of a raging hurricane passing by in her room. At her age, exploration is the most exciting part of her day. She grabs everything she could. She checks and mess everything that catches her interest. I usually just leave her in her room and do all the clutter. As long as she's not in danger, I give her the freedom to rummage and examine things that she wants to know. This scenario should take some time. But, I am enjoying every minute of it. Might be a little bit of chaos, but, every moment her developing brain and curiosity tell her to do is valuable. Something that I will not hinder. It's part of her growing, and I am here to support and nourish it.
 The cute culprit—thinking what else she can ransack :)

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