Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Ready for Sandals

I love pretty, sexy, cute sandals and shoes. If I have the luxury of money that would give me the opportunity to collect things, it would be various kinds of footwear. I wonder if my daughter will also like wearing neat feet apparels like her Mama. But before she can decide for herself, I already picked her a cute floral sandal even before she was born. It's so cute that I couldn't resist taking it to the register.
 We tried putting it on her few weeks after she was born. But, it was too big that it slipped so easily from her tiny feet. 

Last Sunday, I thought of letting her wear the sandals instead of her sneakers to church. I was happy that finally (I thought), these cute shoes fit her! But lo and behold, when I put her on the Exersaucer while my husband and I had our breakfast, this is what happened:

LOL, I just laughed of what I saw. I think I am so much in a hurry to let her wear the sandals when they don't fit perfectly yet. Anyway, I will try again next month. Most probably, her feet would grow bigger. Then, this pair of shoes will finally serve its purpose (I hope).

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