Tuesday, February 23, 2010

6 Months Old: Solid Food and Such

One of her most awaited milestones is here! My little one Evie is 6 months old. I have been looking forward with excitement for her to reach this stage because it is the commencement of her eating "solid food."

Wellness Check-up Update

Height: 27" from 23"
Weight: 16.2 lbs. from 14.4 lbs.
Head circumference: 43 cm.

Shots for this month:

a) Hepatitis B
b) Pentacel - (DTap, Hib, IPV)
c) PCV7

Compared to her first shot experience where she got a fever and was a little bit fussy, she did quite well with this 3rd batch of her shots.

Physical and Mental Developments, etc...

Eating solid food

- On the very day she turned 6 months (February 18), we gave her a tablespoon of Gerber Rice Cereal mixed with 5 tablespoons of formula. First times are not always perfect. Some popped out from her tongue, and some she swallowed. She's more interested with grabbing and chewing the spoon. It was a tug-of-war scenario, yet amusing and fun in my part (and Dada). It's been 6 days that she's eating cereal and I am so proud to say that she's swallowing most of the food now.

Rolling over 360° - She has totally mastered rolling over from her tummy to back, and from back to her tummy. Because of this, her mobility is starting to get crazy. She can move 3 meters away just by rolling over unsupervised.

Sleeping on her tummy - Well, this has been her favorite sleeping position since a couple of weeks ago. During her first few times of sleeping on her tummy, we kept rolling her over to her back. However, she rolled back to her stomach. We're a little bit concern about it, so we asked her pediatrician about the safety of sleeping on her tummy. He said that at this stage, babies like to sleep on their tummy. He said that now Evie have much control of her body and head, there's nothing much to worry about the risk of SIDS. But still, we're too paranoid (as most parents, I supposed), so we check her from time to time, making sure that she's okay and breathing.

Continuous talking

- Nah, she can't talk yet. It's more of a noise that sounds like she's talking. Most mornings, she wakes me up with her loud, incessant talking from the living room while she's with her Dada. It's pretty delightful to hear and see her babbling mouth.

Uttering syllables - She's already starting to say one to two syllables. So far, I've heard her uttered "ma ma" twice. She has also been saying "ge," "ba or ba ba," "da or da da," "a go go."

Physical strength and flexibility
- I am amazed how strong this baby is. She can push herself up from being bent down while her upper legs are supported. At the same time, she's starting to work on her balance while standing up, holding onto something that can support her from falling down.


  1. Eve is doing great! They grow up so fast. :oP Glad she's doing better sleeping too. One thing to suggest, you may want to remove the bumper pad in her crib. When they start rolling, they can get themselves stuck up against the pad and may not be breathing fresh air with their face pushed against it. The doctors now say we shouldn't use a bumper pad at all but we used ours up until Ahnica started rolling over. Keep up the awesome work mommy!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion about the bumper pad Jen! I should take that off soon! :)