Sunday, August 9, 2009

My First Milk

I woke up early again this morning. 3 hours earlier than the normal waking time. Went to the kitchen and looked for something to munch because my stomach was complaining. I had a cup of hot Milo chocolate drink and 7 pieces of Oreos. While preparing my snack, I felt something wet from my shirt rubbing against my skin. I didn't mind it at first. thinking that I just accidentally sprinkled my shirt with water while making my hot drink. But the more I ignored it, the more it bothered me. When I checked the part of my shirt where I felt the damp, it's on my left breast, right exactly on the spot where my nipple was. That was very surprising to me! I had a mixed emotion of joy and anxiousness. Joy because I am starting to produce milk. Anxious because it reminded me of how soon the baby will be here and at the same time I wonder if I will be able to provide sufficient milk for Evie. I remember my mother told me that when she had me, she didn't have enough milk that she had to feed me condensed milk (well, that was 35 years ago and in a third world country so don't wonder why condensed milk...that's what they can only afford). She added that of all her children, I was the only one who was able to taste her milk. Moreover, my sister didn't produce enough milk either. So, that bugs me a little bit.

I told my husband what I discovered and showed him the wet circle spot on my shirt. He said that yesterday morning, he felt some moist on his fingers from one of my breasts. That made me think that my milk production didn't start this morning, but yesterday.

Well, what I had this morning was just like a drop of milk. It's not dripping at all. My mammary glands should supply more milk once Evie is here to need it for her nutritious sustenance.


  1. Awww...sweet. I'm stalking you from VJ :).

    I first noticed my milk when I was 5 months along with in my first pregnancy. I woke up in a puddle. I felt like you did, anxious and happy at the same time. the important thing is to put baby on the breast as much as possible. Once you start supplementing the downward spiral starts. Justs try to feel all the time (as much as every hour in the beginning) and your body will get the message to make milk. My first child was born via c/s and my milk didn't come in until three days after, until then he lived off of colostrum, no formula at all. With my daughter I had milk right away, my supply never dried up (they are only 17 months apart and I nursed until I was 5 months preggo with babygirl).

    Sorry for the rambling...I'm very excited for you.

    Good luck. You'll be great mommy just believe in yourself.

  2. Wow, that's pretty 5 months you already had the milk :) I really just hope for myself that I have enough to supplement my baby's needs. Thanks for the useful tips. Will surely remember those :)